Why A Blog?


The link between wealth, health and vitality is not just in the mind, but in our DNA. From the beginning of time we’ve been told what’s wrong with us.  As children, we mimic and emulate our parents.  If we do things that please them, we are rewarded; if we choose to take action that is displeasing, we are often times punished and sometimes severely. We learn from our parents by observing them.  If our father and/or mother are grumbling about having to go to work, we find ourselves as adults not enjoying going to work.  We subconsciously choose a job or profession where we can act out our parents’ role.  We soon become stressed and tired chasing after the ole dollar. We can easily become disillusioned with life, and our life’s purpose is but a muted canvas of confusing directives. We find ourselves slaves to our inner programs.

How did our parents or mentor act and respond to money/finances, poverty, pleasure, pain, beauty, food, religion, politics, education, etc.?  Their actions made an imprint upon our brain that many years later we find ourselves re-enacting.  How many of us swore that we’d never be like our parents?We believe that we have to work hard for the money, keeping healthy and trim is expensive and only for the rich, that happiness is to possess something outside of ourselves, etc. How did our ancient ancestors survive the attacks of the neighboring lords whose sole purpose was to divide and conquer? During these feudal times, survival instincts became paramount in our ability to live past a certain age.  Inherited tendencies and survival habits are still with us today.  Therefore, our belief system is formulated from the past.

The purpose for creating a blog is to share some of the wisdoms about aging or maturing gracefully.  Many of our beliefs and prejudices come from our own DNA, background and upbringing.  Prejudices, conclusions, assumptions about life stop the flow of spiritual and financial prosperity.  These old programs/tapes play over and over creating a belief system that creates blocks and/or stoppages to our inner and outer growth.

We learned that bysharing information and opportunities,it helps usto release old beliefs that bind us to poverty, poor self-image and the past.  We would like to continue to share how to be active and engage in sports, exercise and still have the energy to do the things we love. We CAN BE financially and spiritually prosperous and healthy without compromising our happiness. We don’t have to be multi-millionaires to live a healthy and active life style.  Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being are essential to growing old gracefully.

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