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From the day to day stresses that pile up, there is a need for a person to unwind and give oneself the time to breathe. There is a need for us to relax and let go of all of the stresses that come with life’s daily activities. Not being able to take away the stressors can make us feel unhappy, irritable, and frustrated. Spending just a few minutes each day meditating can restore our inner peace and bring us more clarity. Anyone can practice meditation. It doesn’t require any special equipment and only costs you your time.


The word ambience is always accompanied with the feeling of being in a beautiful place or aura. There is always a positive vibe when someone looks forward to being in a particular location with ambience. A place with good ambience is important in creating your everyday mood. Therefore, be in a room with good ambience; you will have a day filled with good vibes.

Body And Hair

An important part of maintaining wellness and health is good personal hygiene. By maintaining good personal hygiene, we are enhancing the gifts of natural beauty found in each one of us. Our body is a temple and our hair a crowning glory.

Vitamin C Serum

It is clear from an abundance of research that Vitamin C heals multiple of skin conditions. It is a powerful treatment for wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin, and uneven texture. It is a very effective weapon against aging. These many benefits make Vitamin C an in-demand product in the international marketplace.

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Wellness & Yoga

Wellness is the continuous state of being in good physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It is a process of growing through the daily challenges and the ability to meet stresses and obstacles with a positive mental attitude. It is not just being illness free, but having the courage to make choices that lead us on the path to a healthy and fulfilling life.
Yoga is a Sanskrit term meaning union. Yoga combines breathing techniques, meditation, and physical exercises to relieve stress and strengthen muscles.

About AVH

The focus of the Ageless Vitality & Health (AVH) website is not just to sell products but to inspire others. The blog articles inform readers how to live a healthy and vital life naturally . . . how to maintain an active life-style no matter what the age, and how to achieve personal goals with love and passion in what we believe. The beauty product sold on this website is of the highest quality and uses high vibrational sound to lift its energy and potency. What is chosen to sell is not only great for the skin, but will help with women’s and men’s self-image. More beauty products will continue to be added to the AVH line as well as books and courses to awaken the soul.

About the Product

  • REPAIRS UNEVEN SKIN TONE * DIMINISHES WRINKLES * REDUCES SIGNS OF AGING! Experience improved clarity, firmness, elasticity! A magnificent collagen builder to plump & nourish skin cells as well as a formidable brightener!
  • THE BEST NATURAL & ORGANIC INGREDIENTS * GREAT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES! NO parabens and petro-chemicals that lead to premature aging! Stay young longer!
  • DESIGNED TO TARGET & PROTECT AGAINST SUN DAMAGE & WRINKLES * INFUSED WITH GOOD VIBRATIONS * ODORLESS AND NON-STICKY! This product is infused with high vibrational sound using crystal bowls to raise the serum's energetic field to keep its potency & for a longer shelf life.
  • MADE IN THE USA!!! UNSURPASSED PRODUCT STABILITY AND EFFICACY!!! FDA Registered, No Animal Testing, GMP Compliant, In-House Quality Control and Shelf Life Testing, Serum is Kosher Certified, Vegan Formula. Sustainable growing methods and systems are practiced!
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! THIS IS THE BEST ORGANIC VITAMIN C SERUM & INVESTMENT FOR YOUR FACE!!! What are you waiting for? Click the button at the top of the page and make your commitment NOW to have radiant and glowing skin!